Disadvantages Of 3d Print Technology

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Amazing machines

3-D print technology has significantly altered over the years. With the help of Computer-Aided Designs, millions of items can be created via printing them 3-Dimensionally. Whatever you can imagine, you can make! These magnificent machines have become more affordable and extremely useful, making them a revolutionary tool in the arts of Medicine, Science and Engineering. From prosthetics to everyday items (plates, mugs, etc.) these machines can make them all easily and affordably; but can a machine like this have no drawbacks or complications?

With such high demands the 3D printer market is expected still to grow "as high as 17.2 billion dollars by 2020". Though costs have dropped and are expected to keep decreasing. The first known 3D printer
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But not only organs, but skin, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, surgical tools and even hearts and stem cells can just as well be made by these magnificent machines.

As 3d printing is "additive manufacturing", it's products are printed from the ground up. So there's no waste of materials as opposed to other forms of production. Another buff of having a 3d printer at-hand would use of it to design and construct spare parts for everyday items. Say, your favorite coffee mug's handle breaks; with the right measurements you can have a replacement part designed and printed in no time instead of buying yourself a whole new mug.

Being that 3d printers can be used from theoretically anywhere and by theoretically anyone, the transportation of products from place to place is no longer needed. As 3d models can easily be sent over the internet, making the shipping cost only for the raw materials needed. But not only does producing items locally aid the costs, but it also lowers pollution levels decreasing or even wiping out the shipments of needed

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