Benefits Of 3D Printing

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The technologies used for 3D printing have surely revolutionized the age old method of manufacturing. With the passing days, the technologies are streamlining on the time spent in manufacturing and how every sector can benefit out of the invention. In the previous blog, we discussed what 3D printing is all about and the technologies used manufacturing 3D objects. Let us find out how 3D printing has benefited the widely used domains for completing day-to-day tasks and the applications that have changed the functioning of 3D printing.
The different domains that include 3D printing with their functioning applications are as follows:
• Architecture: Involvement of 3D printing in architecture has unlocked ideas that can reach new dimensions. o With
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o These variations are tested to understand if the final product can suffice the surroundings or not. o Once the 3D object is ready, the user can test it as per the needs of the process. If the printed design fails in any aspect, the user can alter and make the corrections in the application itself. o Heavy machinery equipment is prototyped through 3D printing to know its performance. Its failure and success depends on the tests that are performed before going ahead with full fledged manufacturing. o Such tests help in saving huge investment costs since prototyping one unit costs less than 1/10th of the actual product cost.
• Metal Casting – Metal objects used for beautification or scale models are easily manufactured through 3D printing process. o Objects sizing not bigger than the index finger can be easily beautified to match perfection. o Sizing plays an important role since most of these items are delicate; the application used for designing such objects allows the user to zoom into the space used for creating such
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Let us look at the timeline of 3D printing from the year 1984:
• 1984 – This year saw the birth of 3D printing
• 1986 – 3D printing technology got patented
• 1988 – 3D printing technology was made available to public
• 1990 – The first low cost models were on sale in this year
• 1996 – Nearly 8 years later the term 3D printer was first used
• 2000 – This year saw the birth of first high definition printer
• 2006 – The first self replicating 3D printer was developed
• 2008 – First self replication 3D printer was on sale in the market.
• 2014 – The aim to have basic necessities to be manufactured through 3D printing is in motion
3D printing is predicted to manufacture clothing, lifestyle goods, electronic items, etc. by 2025. It would be full-fledged manufacturing that would satisfy the needs of every demanding customer. Functional artificial limbs and human organs are in pipeline to be ready by 2020. The world as we know has actually progressed over the period of time when it comes to 3D printing, and the growth is
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