Disadvantages Of A Database System

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02. IMS (Hierarchical model)
1970 to 1972 – E.F codd presented a standard principle for the database system.in his model , the database’s schema or logical, organization is disconnected from physical information storage.
 1970 - 2 major data base management system models were created ,

01. Ingres – developed by UBC
02. System R – developed by IBM

 1980 – Structured Quarry language, or SQL became the standard Quarry language
The first commercially available relational data base management system started at the beginning of 1980. Relational data bases became a commercial success .so Decline of the popularity of network & hierarchical Data base models appeared.
 1990 – In this time new client tools for application development were released.
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File based Systems Approach

Disadvantage of a database management system is that they generally don't do well in Binary Large Object storage (BLObs, or binary files like images), but that's easy enough to get around by using references to the file system or a different database. Also, some DBMSs are designed for this.
The advantage of using a DBMS is that not reinventing the wheel and everything is done and tested by outside parties, so long as trust the developer.

Some of Comparison between Database Management Systems Approach and File based System Approach

Database Management Systems approach File Based Systems Approached
Data base management system provide multiple user interfaces file system data is isolated
Data base management system provide backup and recovery Data lost in file system it is not possible.
Unauthorized access is restricted in DBMS n the file system it is not restricted
Redundancy is control in Data base management system in file system it is not available
A DBMS is designed to allow flexible access to data (i.e. queries) allow predetermined access to data (i.e. compiled
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Every single program has its very own data. They manage it and define it.
 File based system store their data on the hard disk of a computer.so data can be accessed more frequently and effectively. But there are some problems regarding file based system.

 Isolation of data.
 Dependence of data.
 Duplication of data.
 Some of the data types are incompatible.


• DataBase Administrator
• A data administrator is supposed to process data.

Functions of DBA-

Data base administrator is responsible for maintenance of data base system. He is supposed to process data. They are professionals in data processing which also who organize data. They work in full time to help users/customers to access informations.they supposed to monitor the database, work in individuals,
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