Being A Radiographer Essay

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Radiographer Nicole Strong was traveling home one night from dinner and stops at a red light. The next thing that happens is a drunk driver runs the red light and hits her going 55 miles per hour. She had no apparent external injuries; however, Nicole was concerned that she might have internal injuries. Nicole says “I felt the left side of my body to begin to tingle and feel numb and it was at the point that a fear of the unknown overtook me”. She decides to go to the hospital and it is determined that she would need some x-rays. The radiographer, more commonly referred to as a radiology technician, explains to her what type of x-rays are necessary and informs her of what she will need to do during the procedure. The radiology technician does a CT scan and then reports back to Nicole the results that everything looks fine and there are no internal complications. Nicole explains how nice the technician was and how good she was treated (Strong 1). The radiology technician is very important to assist the…show more content…
With the increasing cost of attending a traditional four year college or university can leave a student with a large debt. In an article the U.S News and World Report said “ that the average debt a medical graduate carried was just over $145,000” (Severson 1). Scholarships rarely cover the costs associated with specialized degrees, especially, when looking at something in the medical field. Yet, the junior college or technical school two year program associate’s degree or certificate program allows students to graduate with little or no debt. Getting into the workforce after two years with the possibility of making up to $60,000 appeals to many who are wanting to pursue some form of medical education. The cost of education compared to the possible starting salary makes the radiology technician an attractive direction to achieve the goal of a medical related

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