Disadvantages Of A Sustaining Competitive Advantage

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Sustaining competitive advantage:
According to Strickland 2016, a sustainable competitive advantage is one that persists despite the best of competitors to match or surpass it. Elements include giving buyers lasting reasons to prefer a company’s products and services over competitors. Anglo Platinum’s produce world class PGM’s of the highest quality. Their commitment to innovation has ensured their product range remains what customers are seeking and thus choose Anglo Platinum over rivals, their commitment to quality has also ensured their product is unique and not easily replaced. Their strategy has ensured the firm has a strong competitive advantage but a sustainable competitive advantage.

Sustainability rests on three pillars namely: Durable resources and capabilities, that will not be eroded quickly ( as cited above) the ability to protect competitive advantage, the ability to develop a steady stream of new sources of profit (dynamic capabilities).

Protecting Competitive Advantage

Once competitive advantage has been established it is pertinent for the firm to protect its competitive advantage in order to ensure the advantage is sustained over a time.

According to Porter sustainability can be achieved when advantage resists erosion from competitors, due to barriers that make imitation impossible. It has been further argued that competencies that cannot be understood by competitors are difficult to imitate.

In a study by it has been argued that tacitness,
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