Disadvantages Of A Welfare State

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There are some countries called ‘welfare state’ which means people living in those countries have to pay high taxes, on the contrary, the government is responsible for the economic and social welfare for them. People who live in these countries received more or less some benefits from the government. This essay examined welfare state’s top three advantages which are medical care, education, and child care. First of all, medical care in the welfare state is exceptional, especially Denmark and Japan. First, in Denmark, there are two types of sections about medical care. One is called Primary health care, the other is Hospital sector. Primary health care is usually the first point when people get general health problems. All nations could use this system and include treatments from general practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists. On the other hand, hospital sector is for a patient who requires more specialized medical treatment. These sections are free to accept for citizens, even if a patient has an operation (Hashizume, 2015). In addition, this system saves a patient with an advanced disease because medical care expenditure is free of charge and the Hospital sector does not get crowded since that place is only for a patient who requires high quality’s care. Second, Japan has a National Health Insurance which nations must be covered by some form of public insurance. The features of National Health Insurance are liberal to choose a medical institution and to get
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