Disadvantages Of Abolishing Uniforms

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There are some advantages and disadvantages in abolishing uniform in feu diliman. Some of the advantages is that you can have a freedom to wear any kind of clothes you want, you can also save money because the cost of uniform is very high especially if you need to buy two to five sets of uniform depending on the days of classes. It also saves time and energy, you dont need to wash your uniform and iron it everyday. Also you can go to different places anytime especially in malls without worrying of wearing uniform.while the disadvantages of abolishing uniform is the informality of the students in wearing clothes instead of uniform to make it formal. And the school of a student in feu is not recognized clearly. Giving them uniforms only means that there won't be anymore sagging, or as much skin, and it certainly doesn't mean that everyone will have to be identical. students need individuality. Uniforms just give them a larger margin for it. Traditionally, school uniforms have been subdued and…show more content…
The school won't have to have much of a problem with having a dress code haha, and I guess that everyone will look the same and make everyone less self-conscious about what they're wearing. And about they're statement about the hair thing. Does your school really allow things like that? Like allowing people to say freely that people WILL be judged on their hair even wearing a uniform? You should understand that you shouldn't care if somebody judges you by the way you look, that's what the whole self-conscious thing is about. If a mean person wants to make jokes about another "uncool" person, hey, they're wearing the same clothes, what can they be teasing about? Hair? Who cares about hair? We all are born with different styles, shapes, straightness, color, and texture. Accept that we're all

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