Disadvantages Of Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy Theory

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Abraham-Maslow gave the Hierarchy of Needs model in 1940-50 and the its valid even today. According to him, our actions are motivated in order achieve a certain need. He says that an individual is ready to act upon the growth needs if only the deficiency needs are met. The psychologist Maslow’s theory suggests we are motivated to satisfy five basic needs. These needs are arranged in a hierarchy by him. Maslow tells that we seek first to satisfy the lowest level of need. Once this is done by us, we start seeking satisfaction in each higher level of need until we have satisfied all five needs. As a humanist, he believed that people have an inborn desire to be self-actualized, to be all they can be, they try for more and more. In order to achieve different goals, a number of basic needs must be met such as the need for food, safety, love, etc. This Hierarchy of needs is also known as the ‘five stage…show more content…
This Hierarchy is a very solid foundation for the concept of motivation and its process. A lot of practicing managers consider Maslow’s theory as a basic framework to predict their employee’s behavior at work. We can also see, the terms used in this theory are used frequently. An advantage of Maslow 's hierarchy of needs is its perceptive understanding into human nature. This theory helps us to understands the needs and potentials of human beings to a great extent. We can take help from Maslow’s hierarchy in our daily life problems and for the things we mis-understand. Different fields use it to identify different needs. For eg, Managers use Maslow 's hierarchy to identify the needs of their staff and help them feel relaxed, either by giving them a holiday or by flexible working arrangements, so they can pursue their interests. It is a great tool for Project Managers to understand and use. It can help you keep your team motivated as well as correct motivational issues. Many of its terms and suggestions serve as benchmarks for assessing and predicting human behavior at

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