Disadvantages Of Advertising

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The world is in the business of inventing and replacing. Every year there is always something new that comes out and advertisers have to come up with ways to convince us that we actually need the newer versions of the same products they have been producing. In the smartphone industry, we are treated to the latest editions every year with updated screens, cameras and processors. The body is slightly modified to give them a different look but it is still the same smartphone from previous years. The same is found in the motor industry. Every year an updated version of a car model or a facelifted version is released. These products usually trend for a year or two before they are quickly replaced. To come up with different ideas each year or to maintain the same ones and still convince consumers to purchase these products is not an easy thing to do. Companies must conduct extensive research in the market to know what will appeal to consumers in the coming months or years. Consumer taste is ever changing therefore these companies always have to conduct these researches frequently to keep up with the consumers. Once these industries collect all these data, they develop their products according to the specifications they deduce from the data then come up with ads that will convince their market to buy these products. Advertisements are the major source of convincing and they come in different forms. From celebrities endorsing products to billboards and pull out sections in magazines

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