Assault Vs Aggravated Assault

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Register to read the introduction…As stated by Mannle & Hirschel (1988), the most frequently predatory Index offenses are the aggravated assault. Aggravated assault is different with criminal homicide, which that firearm is less likely to be used. Motives of aggravated assault are actually more to be random or unprovoked (Mannle & Hirschel, 1988). As defined by Bartol (1995), assault is the intentional or attempt inflicting of bodily injury on another person. An assault can be categorized into two general kinds which are simple and aggravated. Aggravated assault is rarely attended by the use of a deadly or dangerous weapon. But simple assault is the illegal, intentional or attempts to inflicting serious bodily injury were less than aggravated assault and also without a deadly or dangerous weapon. It has resulted would turn to an aggravated assault when the intention is to inflict serious bodily injury (Mannle & Hirschel, 1988). Comparing between the both types assault, aggravated assault, which a felony not only would relate that result of an international show of force and also affect the result that’s is more harmful than simple assault to the victim. In accordance to Bartol (1995), assault was occurring with large frequency…show more content…
The impulsive, spur the moment and unpredictable acts of enraged which often consider as resulting of violent crime. For example, if brutally assaults in kills operating on impulse and slashing out at victim actually without much consideration or planned strategy. Indirectly, the statement of gun control has been reinforcement and support. The reason is increased technology and availability of weapons, indirect influence the number of innocent people killed by mass murderers also increase dramatically the last ten years (Bratol, 1995). In violent man, Hans Toch (1969) theorizes that most violence can be match dealing with interpersonal relationship by well learned and systematic strategies of violence. Moreover, violent is the act of one who has a habitual response pattern of reacting violently in specific conditions and shouldn’t simply consider the act of person acting on impulse. Generally the violent reactions effectively to receive positive and negative reinforcement by being violent to get what they wanted and avoided disagreeable situations. Toch (1969), Berkowitz (1970), and Zillman (1979, 1983) all recommend that many people become unable of considering the consequences of their violent acts when the moment experiencing the powerful emotional reactions. To the point of cognitive processing, high arousal inhibits were reason make they not think
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