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Agriculture automation system in the commercial world have developed a new concepts of practical crop management that were not feasible before. Computer-based sensors and actuators such as global positioning systems, machine vision, and laser-based sensors have progressively been incorporated into mobile robots with the aim of configuring autonomous systems capable of shifting operator activities in agricultural tasks. In the application of automatic equipment in agriculture is the use of fleets of robots, in which a number of specialized robots collaborate to accomplish one or several agricultural tasks.
The benefit in this automation technology is enable increase the safety. When having automated machines means having less employees who perform
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Costs highly depend on the applied system. It varies from very cheap to very expensive systems, which includes research on soil quality and technical material. Besides that, initial costs are relatively high. Automated machines can be one of the most costly operating costs for a company. With automated machines running anywhere between thousands and millions of dollars depending on the type and degree of automation. Unpredictable costs will be occur also. There can be several unpredictable costs that may exceed the actual cost saved by the automation itself. Some of these costs could include research and development costs of automating a process, preventative maintenance costs, and the cost of training employees to operate automated machines. In addition, automation technology may cause more pollution because different types of machines operated using motor which may require gases or chemicals in order to operate.
Agriculture automation system are typically developed in GPS technology. It can help farmers develop more accurate strategies. They can also simply access a map of their field and trace the exact paths they want their equipment to cover, whether it is going to plant seeds, water plants or spread pesticide or fertilizer. Average guidance system can drive with precision levels as low as a meter. Farmer, in the meantime, can rest assured that their equipment is reaching full efficiency. They can turn their
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