Disadvantages Of Aid

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Introduction Within this essay, the question “To what extent does aid benefit or hinder developing countries?” will be researched and evaluated. The main countries that will be covered are mainly African countries, and the effects of aid from first-world countries. The local, global and personal views of this topic will be addressed, with these helping to give a better final judgement. The problem of aid is very well-known, but with no action being taken against those who take advantage of these developing countries, the benefits and hindrances need to be analysed. Main Issues When it comes to talking about the topic of aid hindering or benefiting countries, there are various different issues and problems that surround it, but some of them are worse than the others. Some questions that arise when you talk about the benefits and the disadvantages of aid are whether or not aid actually helps developing countries when they are in dire straits. However, another issue would be whether the developing country is being forced into receiving aid, without knowing that they might owe the country or organization something. Finally, giving aid in the form of workers can be a huge problem for local workers. Extra workers from other countries can take possible jobs from local workers. For instance, in quest week, where we volunteer to build a bungalow, you’re taking that job away from someone who could have gotten paid for doing that. In most developing countries, jobs aren’t that easy to
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