Disadvantages Of Alloy Wheels

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Alloy or alloy wheels are definitely a big hit these days. The attractive and stylish wheels that we see on vehicles today are mostly alloy wheels. Also, those wheels are gaining popularity and more fans in the recent years. This is why, people want to know what alloy wheels are and how they differ from other types of wheels. They also want to know if the alloy are better than other kinds of wheels. Alloy wheels are meant for the same function that normal wheels do, but there are some additional features which make the alloy wheels different and better than normal wheels. The normal wheels are made from steel, wherein the alloy wheels are made using magnesium or aluminum. This is why, alloy wheels are more duarble and stronger than steel wheels. In addition, alloy wheels are lightweight, stylish and better in terms of performance. The alloy wheels are made either by forging certain metal alloys or casting metals. Alloy wheels that are forged are more durable and lighter than the cast alloys. However, they may cost more than cast alloys. Normally, these wheels are prefered for usage in sports cars. However, people can use them on all types of cars. Also, cast alloys are cheaper byt heavier that forged alloys. The…show more content…
Mag wheels or magnesium alloys are complete magnesium forged or cast wheels that are used in race cars. They care the lightest wheels on the market. Mag wheel are well known for the performance and stylish looks. The unmatched look may probably the reason that makes people opt for alloy wheels. In addition to the posh and cosmetic appeal that vehicles get by fitting alloy wheels, there are several other advantages in using alloy wheels, • Alloy wheels are lightweight, which makes it easy to get a better road grip. • A lightweight vehicle will give better mileage comparatively • Alloy wheels will also give good balancing • Other parts like axles and suspension will get lesser

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