Disadvantages Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

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John will be advised that instituting legal action against ABC Company is costly and time consuming.

There are generally four dispute resolution methods in Singapore: Mediation, Arbitration, Small Claims Tribunal and Litigation (as a last resort due to reason given above)

Mediation is a neutral facilitator to assist the parties who carried out the negative in order to find the right solution to resolve the dispute and lead to reconciliation. Mediation assists to reach a compromise for the parties.
The Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), a non-profit organization that training and selection of the facilitation team who can help the parties to negotiate and reach an acceptable solution to all parties. Mediator might or might not be legally trained professionals.
The parties will be encouraged to accept mediator’s finding solutions. This is not necessary and the parties should not want to follow mediator’s recommendations, they may choose to take the matter to the courts.
Advantage - Mediation is in most areas as a less complex and cost-effective way to solve, without going through the trial or arbitration of commercial disputes in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods.
Disadvantage – The mediator might or might not be legally trained professionals as mediator does not really understand the case.

Arbitration is a controversial matter submitted to an impartial person (arbitration) decision. It is usually tribunal settling the dispute. Process

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