Disadvantages Of Alternative Energy Sources

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Alternative Energy - a set of advanced production methods of energy transfer and utilization , which is not as widespread as traditional , but are of interest because - for the profitability of their use in the usually low risk of causing harm to the environment .The main focus is the search for alternative energy sources and the use of alternative (non-traditional) sources of energy. Energy sources - "naturally occurring substances and processes that allow us to obtain the necessary energy for the existence" . An alternative source of energy is a renewable resource, it is a substitute for traditional sources of energy, functioning on oil to produce natural gas and coal, which when burned emit into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, contributing…show more content…
All kinds of solar radiation using solar as an alternative energy source. Solar radiation can be used for the needs of district heating and to generate electricity (using photovoltaic cells).The advantages of solar energy include the renewability of the energy source, silence, the absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere during processing of solar radiation into other forms of energy. The disadvantages of solar energy is dependent on the intensity of solar radiation daily and seasonal rhythms, as well as the need for large areas for the construction of solar power plants. It is also a serious environmental problem is the use in the manufacture of photovoltaic cells for solar poisonous and toxic substances, which creates a problem of their disposal. The formula which using for the calculating the energy of Solar energy is the Solar constant. Solar constant - amount of energy incident on the Earth 's surface unit per unit time. Considering the Sun absolutely black body, we obtain the luminosity per unit area: W = σT ^…show more content…
This is due to the fact that the temperature of the Earth 's core is extremely high. In some parts of the world there is direct access to the high temperature of the magma to the surface of the Earth: volcanic area, sources of hot water or steam. The energy of geothermal sources and propose to use as an alternative source of geothermal energy supporters. Use geothermal differently. Some sources used for heating, the other - to generate electricity from heat. The advantages of geothermal energy can be attributed inexhaustible and independent of time of day and season. The negative sides can be attributed the fact that the thermal waters are strongly mineralized and often more, and saturated with toxic compounds. This makes it impossible to discharge waste thermal water into surface water bodies. Therefore, the waste water has to be pumped back into the underground aquifer. In addition, some seismologists scientists are opposed to any interference in the deep layers of the earth, arguing that it could trigger an

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