Disadvantages Of An Academic Career

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During one’s academic career, a student will come across a vast assortment of different types of teachers. Some of the teachers will be very strict and require a lot of discipline. But other teachers may often at times be very fun and have a certain charisma that affects the student in a fantastic way unlike no other. Then there are the teachers that require a lot of studying and wants the student to be at your best possible effort at all times. Each teacher has their advantages and disadvantages but the teacher that is the best is the teacher that has a certain charisma or ability to draw students into learning. Some people say that even if the teacher has a great charisma or ability to draw students into learning that the teacher is pointless. In one’s academic career they will have at least one teacher that will be very strict and require much discipline. He will say things like he “is the smartest person you will ever meet” and brag out his intelligence in his subject in which he is teaching. He will make students work hard for good grades and helps create amazing study habits for difficult classes. Many students will end up failing his class or passing with flying colors. The students will often think that his class is pointless but his class really helps the student become an overall better student or sometimes person. This teacher will always be genuine and focused in the task ahead of the class. Each day this teacher strives to be a positive source of help

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