The Old Workforce

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An old workforce is defined as a work force that is at nearly an average of 40 years and older. These are the part of the workforce in an organization that are 40 years, or older, and in most cases, are not in the junior staff of the organization, but are mostly in the managerial roles of the organization. At the workplace, there are several impacts of hiring an ageing work force to render their services at any level of service in the organization. The impact of hiring an ageing workforce is both on the positive and negative side of the organization in terms of the merits and demerits of the ageing workforce’s impact to the organizational activities. First and foremost, of consideration will be the merits of the ageing workforce.…show more content…
Firstly, there is a misconception that the old workforce retires very soon after being employed in an organization. This if false as not all of the old workers are interested in retirementvas not all of them views it as a viable option as not all have saved enough to quit their job. Moreover, some people have passion in their work, and thus are not ready to retire. Furthermore, there is the misconception that an older workforce is characterized with many errors at the work place as they are old. This is a misconception since most of the aged workers have much experience in their area of service, thus, they are more accurate in their work, disputing the misconception that they are associated with errors. Another misconception about the old workforce is that the organizations that have an old workforce will be discriminated against and as a result, might lose out on competition to the other organizations with younger workforce. This is false as there are many attributes associated with the old workforce that most clients might find attractive such as work ethic, courtesy and…show more content…
First and foremost, the organization should put in place procedures that are meant to minimize the shortfalls that are usually associated with the older workforce in an organization. For example, reluctance to change that is characteristic of the older workers can be solved by explaining to them the various merits associated with the proposed change in the organization. Moreover, there should be benefits and motivation of the old workforce so as to retain them; thus continue to enjoy their benefits in the organization such as experience and mentorship in the organization. There should also be disciplinary measures to curb some of their negative attributes in the organization. With regard to the human resource role with regard to the older workforce, it has various roles. Some of them include implementation of the organization plans as it is the human part of the organization that is charged with the role of implementation. Moreover, human resource is responsible for developing talent in the organization, recruitment, selection and introduction of workers to the organization. Moreover, it is charged with monitoring and rewarding performance in the
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