Anadrol 50: Anabolic Steroids

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Anadrol 50 or its scientific name is oxymetholone, is an oral steroid that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1997. It is a highly effective anabolic, and androgenic drug, It’s more commonly called an anabolic steroid, which means that it affects the growth of human muscle tissue. This muscle growth is due to the amount of testosterone that’s in the drug which allows the muscles to expand rapidly when combined with exercise, and a high protein diet for maximum effectiveness. Bodybuilders use it as an “off label” way to get the drug, because it’s meant to help people with anemia or bone marrow problems to build the proper muscle tissue they need to be healthy.

Androgenic means that the drug affects the male hormonal
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Dbol is similar to anadrol, but it scientific name is “Dianabol”, and it is said to have a quick effect on muscle mass increases as well. The difference is that dbol is said to help improve a person’s mood over time which sometimes helps athletes to train longer, and harder. Although many people still think that anadrol is superior to dbol because it produces larger muscle mass faster, muscle weight gain, and increased strength well over what dbol does. It’s just a matter of dealing with all the harsh side effects. Dbol is also a little less expensive so many people favor it for that reason…show more content…
It has been going on forever, and just recently it has come to light that these “performance enhancement” drugs are being widely used. To “juice” or take these steroids is something that people didn’t think about happening, but it does. The cyclist Lance Armstrong lost all his Tour de France titles, because it was found that he used a performance enhancement supplement. Many baseball players were suspended for a number of games when it was found that they used performance enhancers. How do you think they nailed all those crazy high home runs that year? The year of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa breaking all those home run records. Those guys were massive. Alas, the commissioner of baseball cracked down hard on those using steroids and suspended many players for 50

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