Disadvantages Of Anodized Aluminum Cookware

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Many cooks already understand the many added benefits that anodized aluminum cookware has to offer, for this reason, anodized aluminum cookware is the top cookware choice for many people today. When shopping for a new cookware set, you will commonly see this type of cookware displayed; however, you may not understand what it is or why you should pay the additional cost for this type of cookware in comparison to other less expensive options available. There are numerous benefits that have made this type of cookware one of the most popular types of cookware for both home users and chefs alike.
The difference between hard anodized aluminum cookware and other types of aluminum cookware is the process which is used to finish the surface of the cookware. With regular aluminum cookware, corrosion and rusting is common as air and other compounds come into contact with the surface causing a chemical reaction to occur. This is because many aluminum cookware sets are not made of pure aluminum causing the protective layer to become quickly weakened.
Anodized aluminum cookware goes through a process that creates a much stronger protective layer which is thicker than you will find with standard aluminum. The anodized aluminum cookware or aluminum alloy cookware is placed into a chemical solution such as sulfuric acid which is then charged with a low electrical current. Aluminum oxide is created at first; however, once the material is cooled and then charged with an additional stronger

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