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As we know a vehicle moves due to the frictional force between the tyre and road. When we apply brakes, the brakes apply a torque in the opposite direction as that of friction and the wheel gradually comes to rest. This is how normal brakes work.
Now, whenever we are traveling on smooth surfaces like snow where the friction coefficient is low and hence less frictional force. When a brake is applied in these conditions or even when you brake hard on a regular surface the amount of torque is so high that the vehicle's wheels stop rotating and start sliding. This is known as locking of wheels. Unless you are a skilled drifter this is potentially a dangerous situation as you don't have control over the wheels.

So here comes the use of ABS. The
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, presented a computerized ,3-channel, 4-sensor all-wheel ABS known as “Sure Brake” in 1971. It did all the things it was designed for and intended to do for many years after its introduction. Another big name in the automobile industry ‘Ford’ installed an antilock braking system known as “Sure-track” in their fifth generation Lincoln Continental in 1970 as an optional addition but a year after that it was set as the standard for all Lincoln Continentals. The classic Cadillac manufactured by General Motors also put up rear-wheel ABS in their cars in the year 1971. A lot of other car companies started installing their own tweaked versions of ABS globally in the upcoming…show more content…
The wheel requires some sought of way to detect if the wheel is about to lock up and that’s what speed sensors are for.
There is a valve present in each brake which is controlled by ABS. On some systems, valves have 3 states:
• State one, the valve is open, since the valve is open the pressure from main cylinder is passed through to the brake(s).
• State two, the valve blocks the line, since the valve is blocking the line it’s basically preventing the pressure to rise more.
• State three, when the valve is released from a blocked state to open state in order to release pressure
Pump is a necessary component of the ABS as it used to restore the pressure which was released in the above mentioned third stage of valve. As the pressure is released the desired pressure needs to be attained and that’s where the pump comes in as it regulates the pressure for the brakes to function properly.

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