Disadvantages Of Apartheid Education

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All education systems are shaped by world views and values. Education is not neutral within a society. People have different aims for education and agenda’s. Worldviews are formed by people having different opinions, from experience, geographic conditions, political views, religion, and this influence’s the outcomes and decision’s made to educate and shape the countries youth (Christy, 1986). History is important not that it tells about our past but why we are here so that we can understand better the why to the how (Simon Senek) In order to understand the oppressive nature of Apartheid we need to look back at the development of the Afrikaner people, and their struggle to be a people (Volk). We will look at the building blocks, that the British instituted, with tis in mind the ideology of Apartheid education on the mindset of white children The Building blocks of oppression in education After the Boer war the British High Commissioner for Southern Africa, Sir Alfred Milner, used this opportunity to Instil the English language and British cultural values, in the two annexed provinces the Transvaal and the Orange Free State. Afrikaner churches tried to counter the British influence and proposed an education program, CNE- Christian National Education. As a school curriculum. It failed as the British had implemented free schooling. The influence people have over others is within the context of how the oppression of Apartheid came into existence. In 1806, when the British
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