Disadvantages Of Arranged Marriage

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All around the world, people are getting married to the person they prefer to spend the rest of their lives with, however in many cases, this is not true. According to the Oxford dictionary (n.d.), the word marriage refers to the union of two people in a personal relationship and there are several ways in which this is done. The two main traditions of marriage in the society we live in are love marriage and arranged marriage. Love marriage is when the two individuals decide to get married without the interference of their parents and is solely based upon the fact that they are in love. However, on the other hand, arranged marriage is when the parents of the bride and groom decide who they spend the rest of their lives. Due to the difference between the two traditions, there has been many debates on whether arranged marriage leads to a healthier relationship. Although arranged marriage is preferred in the Middle East due to its success, the downsides outweigh the positive aspects with regards to reasons that may cause the marriage to fail and how it is considered as a sort of human rights abuse.
There are many individuals who believe that arranged marriage is the most optimum and favorable preference when it comes to marriage due to reasons that allow it to succeed. These reasons vary from minimal family disputes to receiving support from family members. First of all, the relatives of the individual will most likely choose a fitting person from either the family or a close
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