Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence Essay

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To what extent do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence? A social view One of the main disadvantages widely associated with the use of Artificial Intelligence is the mass unemployment it creates. From the research I have conducted, it is clear to see that from small public surveys to even detailed scholarly reports; the key disadvantage that is focused on is unemployment. One of the major uses of Artificial Intelligence will be its replacement of labour in the primary and secondary sectors. From my research, I found that it is estimated that roughly 47% of jobs could be lost to Artificial Intelligence by 2034. One person who took part in the London event said: “Everybody here is thinking, ‘Well, I’m going to lose my job.’” The primary concern was that machine learning could cause unemployment on a mass scale, the researchers found. Professor Moshe Vardi, of the US Rice University, claims that in the future machines will “outperform humans at almost any task”. Jobs at risk include accountants, taxi drivers, and even journalists1. Creative careers are under threat. Picasso.…show more content…
This led me to conclude that the advantages of using Artificial Intelligence outweigh the disadvantages of using it to a great extent. This is because even though there are moral/ethical and social issues, using AI compared to not using AI will bring more good to more people. This is because while 2 million jobs may be lost, 2.3 million will be created. Also, AI will lead to capital-labour substitution which is better for the consumers and the economy as AI is more efficient leading to more products at lower prices which will lead to more sales and will spurt economic growth. This is why I therefore conclude that the advantages of using AI outweigh the disadvantages of using it to a great
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