Disadvantages Of Artificial Logic

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Artificial Intelligence
AI is defined as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines."
Artificial Intelligence mainly deals with the very fundamental concept of Philosophical Logic. It is actually necessary as we need the machine to think like a human and take appropriate actions. Philosophical logic is the branch of study that concerns questions about reference, predication, identity, truth, quantification, existence, entailment, modality, and necessity. Philosophical logic is the application of formal logical techniques to philosophical problems.
The main part of the whole logic theory that exists that is fundamental to the very idea of Artificial Intelligence is Propositional Logic.
Propositional Logic mainly deals with
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It has many advantages but to counter it has some disadvantages too. There can be no method which can be perfect regarding all the aspects of philosophy as we humans itself have not yet discovered fully all the aspects of philosophy. Artificial Intelligence’s main challenge is to design such a system which can constantly update itself based on its surrounding conditions and hence gradually evolve thus making it more efficient.
The advantages of Propositional Logic are that it provides a simple KR language in solving problems. It also lays the foundation for higher logics FOL (First Order Logic) for e.g... It also provides Reasoning methods which are decidable.
The Disadvantages being that it is not expressive enough to solve most problems and hence a need for alternate method still exists. Also even if it happens to be expressive in some case it becomes very un-concise.
Propositional Logic is a weak KR language because it is very hard to identify Individuals, cannot directly talk about properties of individuals or the relations between them. Generalizations, Patterns, Regularities cannot be represented easily. While on the other hand First Order Logic is expressive enough and covers most cons that Propositional Logic faces.
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The statement would be either false of true. It cannot be true and false at the same time. Also there was the traditional logic in which the great Aristotle suggested the use of excluded middle which simply stated that an element can be a part of a set or it cannot be. There is no such condition where it is both inside and outside the set to put it forward lamely. But this may not be the case with logical statements in everyday life. There are statements which are partially true and partially false. In such a case the theory of Boolean Logic would simply fall apart. Hence to analyze such complex statements which work more closely with the everyday world, Fuzzy Logic theory was put forward.

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