Disadvantages Of Assessment In Education

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Assessment in education must, first and foremost, serve the purpose of supporting learning. Assessment is the process of gathering data. More specifically, assessment is the ways instructors gather data about their teaching and their students’ learning (Hanna & Dettmer, 2004).
The nature of an item relies on upon the exertion we put in it for boost. Consequently, in each association there is a pattern of giving administration with enhanced quality to its clients. In this perspective, educational institutes are a sort of administration giving associations forward glimpsed developments inside of its frameworks.
For incredible results, assessment assumes a key part in showing and learning. It favors in distinguishing future showing
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Trialing exam materials with students before they are used in exams helps us ensure (Cambridge, N.D).
• Self-assessments (identifying skills and competencies). Self-assessment requires students to reflect on their work and judge how well they have performed about the assessment criteria.(Bound, 1995)
• Interviews. The assessment interview is very similar to a regular job interview but focuses more directly on your personality.(Now, 2005)
2. Types of Formative Assessment
• Checklist: A checklist contains a list of different features of a lesson, which you complete while observing a lesson. (Wajnryb, 1992)
• Narrative Summary: A narrative summary is written a summary of the lesson that tries to capture the main things that happened during it, such as how the lesson opened, the sequence of activities that occurred, how the teacher introduced each activity and so on. (Bailey, 2006)

Summative Assessments are given periodically to determine at a particular point in time what students know and do not know. Many associate summative assessments only with standardized tests such as state assessments, but they are also used at and are an important part of district and classroom programs (Garrison. C, Ehringhaus. M,
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Formative and summative assessments serve different types of purposes depending on the context, but for a better understanding, formative assessment is more convenient for assessing students. It has the advantages such as, less time for teacher to prepare, more chances for going back to see what was instructed incorrectly, more strength for students in learning, timely feedback to students during instruction, friendly environment and many more. At the same time summative assessment determines the degree students have learned the lesson and evaluate the effectiveness of educational program. It also measures progress towards the improvement goal and is more appropriate to determine the learning progress and

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