Disadvantages Of Asset Management

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Asset Management includes the relating of expenses, opportunities and dangers against the coveted execution of advantages, to accomplish the authoritative goals. This fitting force should be considered over diverse time spans.

Asset likewise empowers an association to inspect the requirement for, and execution of, advantages and Asset frameworks at different levels. Also, it empower the use of logical methodologies towards dealing with a benefit over the diverse phases of its life cycle.

Asset Management is the talent and order of creation the right choices and advancing the conveyance of worth. A surely understood target is to streamline the entire life expense of benefits however there may be other conclusive components, for example,
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Condense the wealth costs of investing in the asset base get better operating presentation of their assets (condense failure rates, increase availability, etc.). Condense the potential health impacts of operating the assets Condense the safety risks of operating the assets. Minimize the environmental impact of operating the assets Maintain and improve the reputation of the organization Improve the regulatory performance of the organization Condense legal risks associated with operating assets The key to good Asset Management is that it optimizes these benefits. That means that asset management takes all of the above into account and determines the best blend of activity to achieve the best balance for all of the above for the benefit of the organization. Asset Management is explicitly focused on helping organizations to achieve their defined objectives and to determine the optimal blend of activities based on these…show more content…
The project is on Asset Management in coca cola, strained from annual reports of the company. The subject matter is partial to Asset Management, its scrutiny and its performance valuation but not to any other areas of accounting, corporate, marketing and financial matters.


The statistics used for the examination and explanation from yearly information of the firm i.e., secondary basis of data. Ratio analysis is used for learn purpose. The project is obtainable by tables, graphs and with their interpretations. No appraisal is undertaken or surveillance study is conducted for evaluating Asset Management appearance of the firm.

Source of data collection.
The information needed for this project is composed from the following sources:
1. The statistics is adopted purely from secondary source.
2. The hypothetical stuffing are gathered merely from well-known text books and references from articles, journals and company website.
3.The fiscal data and information is gathered from yearly reports of the

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