Disadvantages Of Bike Sharing

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Introduction Bike Sharing Bike-Sharing is a private service, where bicycles are made available for individuals to use in a short term. This system is able to convenient for short distances, where the users are able to unlock a bike anytime and anywhere easily through an online password. These bikes are free for the first 30–45 minutes or paired at a very inexpensive price; today in china the bike sharing system only costs for a small as 0.5 yuan per hour. Transportation Economy There are three major types of transportation that is being used by the general public, they include the public transportation, private owned transportation, and trade transportation. Public Transportation is transportation service that is made available for the general public for an inexpensive price, which includes taxis, governmental city buses, passenger trains and the metro. The private owned transportations are the uses of transportations that is owned by a private user, which includes all private transportations material such as but not limited to a family car, bicycle etc. There are also the trade transportation, which are transportations that are owned by companies and used by a private trading with money;for example the bike sharing companies. The uses of these transportation has direct influences on the uses of the other transportations. Development of Bike Sharing 2012 to 2014 The Govermental Bicycle-sharing system started in Beijing Chaoyang district in 2012, according to the

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