Disadvantages Of Biometrics

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B.Tech. CTIS, Sandip University, Nashik. sakshigavali1998@gmail.com Pooja Nivrutti Kale
B.Tech. CTIS, Sandip University, Nashik poojakale3738@gmail.com Abstract Now a days, security of the confidential information of the organization or an individual become a serious issue. Because of vulnerability of system allow to unauthorized person to access the confidential information or data . Because of unauthorized access the confidentiality of information get break. So, biometrics is a good technique to maintain the security of the confidential data. Biometrics refers to the physical and behavioral characteristics of the human. Such as face recognition, voice, gait, finger print, palm
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This are all unique characteristics for each and every human being so we can use this characteristics as authentication password.
Biometrics is a computer science provide access control so only authenticate person is able to access the data.
The term Biometrics is the combination of two words that are BIO means “life” and METRICS means “measure”.
So in this paper we think that “can we use wrist pulses as a password?” Yes ,we can use wrist pulses as a authentication & to maintain confidentiality of data or to secure important data.

Biometrics System Biometrics is a technology use to protect or maintain confidentiality and integrity of the data. Each of human being have there own characteristics like fingers ,face ,retina ,voice ,gait handwriting,
Biometrics is a technology uses this are all characteristics of humans as a password authentication ,it is basically a pattern lock system which uses physical and behavioral things of human beings. For eg. If one person add finger print to unlock the mobile . If any other unauthorized person try to get access of that mobile phone because the finger print is added to unlock the device and each person having there unique
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4] Gait It is refer to individual gesture posture.it analyzes a person on the base of his walking style.
Basically it is a behavioral biometric so detects a person through its behavior.

5] Palm Recognition It includes authentication by using human palm. Palm contains ridges and valleys .it is as similar as fingerprint recognition.
But palm recognition required a large area for scanning so better of uses a fingerprint authentication. It is also bulky and expensive than fingerprint sensors.
Palm recognition recognized an individual palm on the structure of lines and wrinkles present on palm. And it is scan with a low resolution scanner which would be cheaper

6] Voice recognition We can also use individual’s voice as a password to secure system.
Voice basically a behavioral and physiological characteristics of individual.
System analyzes an authorized person’s voice by vocal tracts, size and shape of appendages.
Voice is not very clear or appropriate for identification. Because human voice changes according to its increased age and also due to emotional conditions.
It has one limitation that it is sensitive due to some factors like background

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