Disadvantages Of Bioremediation

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What is bioremediation, why do we need to use it? Well, bioremediation helps eliminate contamination from waste by using organisms. Without the use of bioremediation, the usage of toxic electronics and applications will damage our environment and human health. Therefore bioremediation supports the usage of organisms that can break down toxic material. Some organisms that can bioremediate are bacteria, fungi, and fast plants. There are also a variety of different methods of bioremediation. This includes phytoremediation, which is the manner which plants removing toxins from the environment and mycoremediation is used by fungi to eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the environment. For bioremediation, it 's harmless and helpful in many ways. However, some organisms are good or bad when they bioremediate. to distinguish them the good bacteria leaves behind nothing but water while being applied on to a huge mass of pollutant.
As for bioremediation, this helps eliminate toxins in the earth. However, how do the toxins enter the environment? Well from the previous assignment, we were learning about e-waste and the chemicals inside. therefore a majority of the toxins come from waste, as they enter from structure projects by the military, phones, electronic appliances, anything that is powered by batteries. Some toxins include mercury, zinc, copper, and lead which all have a terrible health impact. Lead is a poison that will damage your kidney, increase in blood pressure,

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