Disadvantages Of Bluetooth

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Bluetooth is an always-on, short-range radio hookup that resides on a microchip. It was initially developed by Swedish mobile phone maker Ericsson in 1994 as a way to let laptop computers make calls over a mobile phone. Since then, several thousand companies have signed on to make Bluetooth the low-power short-range wireless standard for a wide range of devices. Industry observers expect Bluetooth to be installed in billions of devices by 2005. The concept behind Bluetooth is to provide a universal short-range wireless capability. Using the 2.4 GHz band, available globally for unlicensed low-power uses, two Bluetooth devices within 10 m of each other can share up to 720 Kbps of capacity. For example, audio devices can include headsets, cordless…show more content…
This means that the devices need not be facing each other, and it is also possible to carry out transfers when both the devices are in separate rooms.
The fact that this technology requires no cables and wires is something that has made it so popular. With so many devices engulfing our lives today, the need for clutter-free technology is becoming more intense.
The maximum range that it offers is 100 meters, but this range is not the same for all similar connections. It depends on the nature of the devices and the version that they operate upon.
The processing power and battery power that it requires in order to operate is very low. This makes it an ideal tool for so many electronic devices, as the technology can be implemented pretty much anywhere.One major advantage is its simplicity of use. Anyone can figure out how to set up a connection and sync two devices with ease. Moreover, the technology is completely free to use and requires no charges to be paid to any service provider.The chances of other wireless networks interfering with yours are very low. This is because of the low powered wireless signals that the technology adopts, and also because of something known as frequency
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introduced Red-M blade that attaches to Palm devices and enables Bluetooth-enabled phones to communicate with Palm.
Motorola introduces Timeport 270 using Bluetooth technology. A tri-mode CDMA, hands-free speaker phone, with 4-way joystick, headset connectivity and a PIM. Price around $350 (August 2001). The handset will communicate with a headset to be introduced shortly.
Cambridge Silicon Radio of England announced its BlueLab SDK and BlueCore serial protocol that has been incorporated into CE.NET by Microsoft. - November 2001.
Red-M of Wexam Spings, England announced 1050 - an access point that connects Bluetooth devices to a wireless LAN. Product will be available in November 2001 at $495.
Silicon Wave Inc. announced processors and SDK's for Bluetooth (takes 12KB of RAM and processors cost $5.00 a piece.
TDK announced at Fall Comdex 2001, a USB adapter for

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