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technical collaboration or joint venture ,establishment of captive centres in India to enable them to export IT software products and services to the global markets, both Government of India and the various State Governments in took lead and great efforts by offering a series of policy packages including tax breaks, import duty concessions .
The different modalities in which IT sector was encouraged to be continue to be more cost competitive is
(i) By way of 100% Export Oriented Units primarily to boost exports by creating additional production capacities .
(ii) Constituting IT parks like Electronics Hardware Technology Parks EHTPs complexes which can be set up either by the Central Government, State Government, Public or Private Sector Organisations or any other possible combination duly approved by the Inter-Ministerial Standing Committee in the Ministry of
Communication and Information Technology, DIT which helped major IT players in the world
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On the other hand for the middle and to management levels the parameters are leadership and management training, foreign assignments and key responsibilities. Client pitching and client handling responsibilities are catchier to retain as well as retrain top management cadres. There is always Internal Job promotions to elevate an agent to a team lead then to a team head which usually takes between 4-7 years hence experienced professionals opt for lateral hiring after getting sufficient experience and handling clients successfully to move at pace shortening these promotional cycle time to nearly half which again one of the reasons of more attrition rates in the 2-3 years experienced employees even it was 85% in certain BPO
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