Disadvantages Of Business Intelligence

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Business intelligence is a set of modus operandi and tools used for raw material transformation into information that can be considered for purposes of business analysis. Many elements within organizations that have contributed to this trend include IT, ERP systems, and transaction and accounting systems among other technology (Thierauf, 2001). Organizations have massive amounts of data and BI plays a critical role through methods of development, system tools which enable collection, storage and vast quantity data analysis indentified as BI systems and application (Sabherwal & Fernandez 2011). BI is instrumental in supporting business decisions whether operational or strategic and its therefore related to coming up with decisions,
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Through investing in BI software’s and also skilled personnel boosts such analysis. Consequently, this enables an organization to understand the consumer trends in buying or buying behavior. In return they can develop products which match the trends thereby increasing profits in the long-run
Enhances decision making
BI has for important fundamentals that are used for decision making these prerequisites include availing required, consistent data across organizational units, it is possible to easily analyze information while using the built in functionality for analysis and finally reports are normally presented via a user- friendly format.
Improve Visibility.
BI is important in improving visibility which incorporates control over the different crucial processes in an organization especially when the organization has invested in a good BI. The BI software enhances process visibility making it possible to identify different areas that need improvement. This offers time to enhance productivity through the use of skilled intelligence analysts who use the software.
Turns data into information that is
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For a comprehensive BI solution an organization may utilize business intelligence and enterprise integration
Disadvantages of BI
BI fails in organizations or delivers at a lower level of expected returns since companies tend to purchase, implement and make use of their BI software devoid of a full understanding of the cycle required to implement a BI.
When an organization performs BI implementation that is wrong then this is considered a waste of time and also money. May costs like implementation costs, software costs are associated with BI. The maintenance costs in organizations are often considered high and they often carry a high percentage of approximately 15% on the purchase cost. Large organizations may afford this but smaller organizations may not be in a position to afford such costs. There are also costs that may be involved in training and development for human resource who will implement the BI

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