Disadvantages Of CSI

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“An investigator starts research in a new field with faith, a foggy idea, and a few wild experiments” (Cram). This quote was said by Donald Cram in discussing how an investigator should start an investigation. The job of CSI consists of collecting and analyzing evidence. At a crime scene CSI typically collect evidence, take pictures, make sketches and a variety of other tasks. CSI is a fascinating career choice because one gets to travel, perform a variety of tasks, and gets to investigate and help society by investigating criminals. The first advantage of being an CSI is getting to travel. CSI’s get to work in all different types of areas and weather conditions. If a crime scene happens in any type of weather they still have to investigate.…show more content…
CSI’s get to collect evidence from a crime scene and then analyze it to try and trace it back to the criminal. They might also have to investigate digital media. One would have to do this if any evidence was photographed or recorded. They also need to record observations and observe different clues of the crime scene. They need to question and explore links between suspects. If there is any trace of DNA at a crime scene CSI’s have to use the DNA results to trace it back to suspects. A final benefit of being a CSI is that it is mentally challenging. Critical thinking in the field of CSI is important. One needs to use best judgement when analyzing and matching evidence. Being able to maintain your composure is also important. This is important because you need to maintain professionalism even while viewing messy, smelly, and sometimes gory environments. Math and science skills are need to be able to analyze evidence. One needs good communications skills also. Communication skills are needed for writing reports and testifying in court. Being able to notice small changes and being detail oriented is important too. One needs to be able to analyze evidence by piecing together evidence. Being able to travel, not having to do the same thing, and being mentally challenging is why being a CSI would be an exciting career. Imaging a world without CSI. The world needs CSI’s to help catch
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