Disadvantages Of Calculators In Mathematics

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Calculators are very useful to students nowadays. It allows us to explore different functions of mathematics and its different applications maybe in physics, chemistry and other fields which include conversions and calculations. Calculators can help students enjoy mathematics.

Another definite advantage is that calculators allow one to complete more problems per unit of time, thus in effect affording greater amounts of practice. However, when the discussion shifts to higher level conceptual and attitudinal impacts due to calculator use, there is less consensus as to what facts can be gleaned from the research literature” (Roberts, 1980).
Rubenstien (2001) have mentioned that mental different skills included in mental mathematics like number
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It has its advantages and also disadvantages which are sometimes alarming and one of these disadvantages are that when students do not know the basics and they are already using the calculator , it can be a problem when they are to perform mental calculations. They will have no foundation of knowledge in mathematics if they will not know mental calculation and solving problems by just thinking and not using any of the modern devices nowadays. This problem had been studied for years because researchers are curious if a calculator can really affect one’s way of dealing with numbers mentally. Mathematics has different fields and all includes basic calculations and one must first know how to analyze the things needed in a problem. A problem may need some manipulations first before performing calculations and a student very dependent to calculators might have a problem answering it. Calculators are just instruments which can help us improve our skills but proper use of calculators must be practiced knowing that mathematics is not only about numbers but is also about analyzing, thinking and mental skills must also be

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