Disadvantages Of Canned Food

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In the United States of America, overeating or not having enough nutritious food contributes to almost half of the deaths in USA. They consume more than 500 more calories per day than did in 1970s. Their staple diet includes far too much cheese, fried food, butter, starch and red meat. Consumption of fruits and vegetables is minimal. The main reason behind their unhealthy diet is their involvement in the cooperate world. All the Americans are way too busy and focused in their work that they focus more on quantity than quality. During my stay in the United States, I noticed that many stores like 7-11, CVS Pharmacy, Coops and many other serve microwave meals which are ready to eat meals. Also the consumption of canned food is very high. Most of the fruits and vegetables that they eat are canned. In a recent study, canned foods are high in sodium which elevates blood pressure; it is also high in sugar which increases the calorie intake, it has very few nutrients so one misses out on some important nutrients. No doubt that ready to eat meals suit the needs of a busy American but these meals have more disadvantages than advantages. These are pre-made meals which are made to last, so these meals contain a lot of preservatives which are harmful for human body. Also by the time the food is cooked, most of the nutrients are lost.…show more content…
Bad eating habits are the main cause of many other diseases like diabetes, obesity, cholesterol level imbalance, high blood pressure, high level of sugar and many

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