Disadvantages Of Challenges Children Face

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Topic: Types of Challenges Children Face
Sim Wan Qi
University at Buffalo (SIM GE)
ESL 407
Essay 1 (Division/Classification) Children these days are facing many difficulties and challenges, and this might affect their well-being and behavior. Children face different problems and challenges mainly because of the environmental factors, family and friends. These challenges often cause children to feel stressful. There is a need to explore factors that are being considered challenges to children as parents and early childhood educator can better identify the problems children experience. This will allow to them to understand children’s behavior and thus, help them to cope with these difficulties.
Stress is a common experience faced by an individual and their family. Stress occurs in some of the daily life activities of children. Situations like these can happen in daily lives, and they are called ‘daily hassles’. Some examples of daily hassles are time constraint, loneliness, losing something important to you or obtaining bad school result. Children nowadays have many after-school classes to attend to. They will have lesser time to play, have fun with friends and enjoy themselves. Most of them spent their time doing work and studying. As parents’ expectations increases, children
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The common trend is that children will experience stress if these challenges are not being handled properly. Children can gain stress through peers, family members and themselves. Parents should understand that children behave a certain way for a reason. By knowing what the reasons are, parents can change their children’s bad behavior. Children can cope with such stress and overcome them through different means like talking to a counsellor, parents or friends. By sharing with one another, children can help one another and also overcome the problem they

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