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1 Chemical insecticides:
Insecticide is a chemical substance that used to kill insects. The insecticide contains ovicides and larvicdes used to kill insect eggs and larvae. There are many fields that use the insecticides such as used in agriculture, medicine, industry and by consumers. Insecticides maybe natural or manmade and are applied as spray, baits or slow release diffusion. There are two groups of insecticide: systematic insecticide insecticides (have long term activity) and contact insecticide (no residual activity). In addition, there are three types of insecticides: natural insecticides (such as nicotine, pyrethrum and neem extracts), inorganic insecticides (metals) and organic insecticides (organic chemical compound). Nowadays, many of the most dangerous human diseases appears are transmitted by insect vector because of chemical insecticides
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A number of plant substances have been considered for use as insect repellent for example, basil, clove, Sinnamon and lemon. In the context of agriculture pest management natural insecticide are best suited for use in organic food production in industrialized cities but can play much greater role in the production and postharvest protection of food in developing cities. Natural insecticides are safe for environment because it is non toxic to humans and our environment.
There are some advantages for natural insecticide:
1. Not expansive.
2. They are economical
3. More effective against insect and less harmful to the human.
4. Lee degradation and can kept for prolonged period and they are more stable.
5. They can used to dominate that transfer vector born disease like sleeping sickness, malarial and dengue.
6. Eco- friendly.
7. Very useful.

1) Starting of action slow.

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