Disadvantages Of City Planning

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City planning takes its origin from Ancient times as a tool of systemising an occupied territory. One of the most recognisable and at the same time simple city layout patterns is a gridiron structure. According to Baofu, “the grid plan or gridiron plan is a type of city plan in which streets run at right angles to each other, forming a grid. In the context of the culture of Ancient Greece the grid plan is called Hippodamian plan” (Baofu P, 2009:5). First known grid city plans are dated by 2600 BC, they belonged to Mohenjo-daro and Harappa in Indus Valley (McIntosh J, 2008). Grid plan found application in different eras, civilizations, continents and political regimes and is still used as an urban structure in modern cities. This could be explained…show more content…
Scholars, who studied grid planning, state that this type of structure is not purely based on functionality and its outlook, but pursue to represent political and social ideas. The following essay aims to explore the correlation between rectangular grid city planning and social and political objectives with examples of ancient and modern cities, based on this structure. It would mainly focus on three examples from completely different backgrounds, timeline and political environment. Firstly, Ancient Greece based on Hippodamian concept with democratic rights and ideas as a start of gridiron studies. On the other hand, United States and China, being major economical and political states, from opposite parts of the world as well as possessing different economical, social and political…show more content…
Chinese city planners were basing on the ideas of universal principles and were aiming to implement them in city structures. The strong belief in universe powers influenced symbolic and mathematical features of urban planning. When comparing to United States, China’s main political goal was to enhance the authority of the emperor rather than grant equal rights and opportunities to all citizens. Chinese concept of grid planning was mainly based on symbolization, social control and universal orders, the level of comfort of living was not very significant while laying out the city. Typical example was Chang’an, which gridiron plan was designed chiefly to meet and worship the emperor, so Chinese traditions and rituals mainly influenced its layout. Another city with similar city planning is Beijing, which was originally planned as a Forbidden City with a gridiron layout to demonstrate the emperor’s value and power. It also appeared to be a fort to protect the ruler in case of war. Grid formed the layers of walls and the deep city centre could have been reached only by upper class. Hierarchical structure of society was a logical cause of hierarchical city planning. Division in rights and opportunities, which played a significant role not only in city

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