Disadvantages Of Classism

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The disadvantages listed above reveal two things. First, they show how the broader political, economic and environmental environment operating under the motive for capitalistic profit did not recognize the humanity or agency of workers to pursue their freedom. Second, they show that paid laborers were treated so harshly because the absence of laws or regulations that governed their employment relationship was spurred through a classist view of their social position. This classist view is exemplified in that most people did not trust the interests of the working poor since they held stereotypes that they were “murderers” or thieves and drunkards who were responsible for their social position. Laborers, especially common laborers, were forced to the expand with the immense movements westward and large-scale deforestation due to the profit found in exploiting these new forms of capital, ie the land.…show more content…
Hunt, 1842, made it illegal to have free workers
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