Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing:

Cloud computing is a computing paradigm, where a large pool of systems are connected in private or public networks, to provide dynamically scalable infrastructure for application, data and file storage. With the advent of this technology, the cost of computation, application hosting, content storage and delivery is reduced significantly.
Cloud computing is a practical approach to experience direct cost benefits and it has the potential to transform a data center from a capital-intensive set up to a variable priced environment.
The idea of cloud computing is based on a very fundamental principal of reusability of IT capabilities. The difference that cloud computing brings compared to traditional concepts of “grid computing”,
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In this type of cloud setup is mutually shared between all the possible organizations that belong to a specific community i.e., banks and software firms. This type of cloud can be managed internally or by third party provider. CLOUD COMPUTING BENEFITS: To exploit the architecture model offered by cloud computing company should align its application.
Reduce Cost: There are no of reasons to use cloud computing having low cost. Bills are paid as per usage, no need to purchase infrastructure that reduce maintenance. Initial expresses & recurring expenses are also reducing.
INCREASED STORAGE: By using cloud large volume of data is maintained. Workload spikes are also managed efficiently.
Most important characteristics due to changing business condition, delivery of products on time is critical. Cloud provides suitable building for deployment.
Services those use multiple sites can help in continuation of business and recovery of
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Cloud computing opens door by making applications and technology more usable than in previous years.
• Proactive application monitoring technology is currently available and software will soon become more robust and accurate.
• Cloud computing enables remote and enhances faster disaster recovery
• Mobile devices that rely on the cloud will become more powerful and smarter because all applications will be web-based. One example of this concept is Apple’s iCloud.
• Efficient business models are also possible with cloud computing. With greater efficiency, companies can bring innovative and superior products to market faster than competitors.
• Hybrid cloud computing is expected to help businesses become more efficient by optimizing business process performance.
• According to report, cloud is accelerating globally. In the same report the worldwide software as a service (SaaS) market would grow at an astounding yearly growth rate of 20.2 percent! This means it will be growing from $18.2 billion in 2012 to $45.6 billion in

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