Disadvantages Of Coca Cola

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In the past, when people wanted to have a drink with any meal, they probably searched for a cup of coffee or tea. Today if someone goes to buy any meal from any restaurant, the most repeated question is do you want to have Coca-Cola? The common answer for this question is yes, with extra ice cubes. Do people really know what's Coca-Cola, or they drink it because it tastes nice? Cola became a part of so many people's life. The child can't have his lunch, because the food is without cola, the man can't concentrate at his work, because he didn't have a glass of cola before starting his work, and the lady is having headache, because her husband forgot to buy cola cans this week. Cola become one of the most sales these day, and a part…show more content…
"Americans consume more than 13 billion gallons of soda a year, according to University of Texas Health Science center at Tyler"(Allen, (n.d). The disadvantages of soft drinks, para.1). 13 billion gallons only in America, so what if they counted how many person drinks cola in all over the world every year! An article given by eMedExpert, which gives reasons why people drink cola, also gives people reasons to stop drinking cola. People drink cola and forget that cola is full of calories, and the more they drink cola, the more they increase the risk of obesity. Diabetes is also a result of drinking cola. The body becomes unable to produce and control sugar normally. Even cola acidity affects our kidney by making it form stones, and many other damages. Coca cola also causes cell damaging. Human body is formed and created by small cells, so cola can destroy people's full health with only affecting their cells. Too many other diseases and problems are results of drinking cola such as heartburn, liver damage, weakened bones, and dental problems. Is there something worst than losing our health, or people who drink cola founded something more important than their

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