Disadvantages Of Code Switching

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1- Code-switching:
Grosjean (1982: 145) defines code-switching as “the alternate use of two or more languages in the same utterance or conversation”. Code-switching can be considered one of the main phenomenon that have been noticed in CMC when there is a mix between more than one language in communication (e.g. Danet and Herring 2003; Melchers and Shaw 2003).
Code-switching in nouns can be happening for many reasons. For example, it can be happening for terms that cannot be easily translated into Arabic or the equivalent term is not expressive enough about the concept of the main word. Second, it can be because the concept is considered a taboo in the target language culture like the word (gay).
For verbs, code switching is mostly common
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2- Native creations:
Winford in his framework coined this term to talk about creations in terms of native and foreign morphemes. There are two types of creations: the first one is combining English morphemes to create new concepts by using only English letters. The second type is the creation by using English morphemes and Arabic characters.
3- Speech-like language:
Internet users tend to use nonlinguistic elements in order to simulate spoken discourse language. One of the widest spread technique in simulating spoken discourse in written language is emoticons. They don’t only simulate spoken discourse but also provide bodily expressions that accompanied speech like facial expressions. The widest spread feature of internet discourse Arabic is the use of emoticons. This feature of internet language has been the most common among people with different mother tongue languages around the world. Emoticons have been used to simulate spoken language discourse and the bodily physical expressions of the interlocutors. Facial expressions, emotional state or mood and the mental state can be expressed by using emoticons. Actually, this feature adds a lot to the internet written discourse because sometimes even the facial expressions in real spoken discourse fail to express the true intention of the speaker while in the internet written discourse, it can be expressed just
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For example, the previously mentioned example of (انشاء الله). Furthermore, the need to be quick is an important factor that affect the orthography of a language. for example, in the Arabic keyboard, there are some letters that cannot be typed unless the user holds the key and choose the correct letter or press another key to be able to type it. These varieties of a letter seem to be nearly missed in online discourse. As an example, in the word (إقرأ ), the user seems to type the word as ((اقرا because it is easier and quick. Another example is the word ((بشرى which is typed as (بشرا) in many cases because the former takes time to be found while the latter is there in the front

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