College Cost Benefit Analysis

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Avila 3This sprouts from a system that glorifies attending college rather than learning skills that will aidyou in the workforce. Students re taught to follow rules rather than to analyze and question themin order to develop thoughts that could bring revolutionary advances in the future, thus deprivingstudents from achieving success (Issues and controversies).Another aspect of college costs is whether or not it is worth it for students to burrythemselves in debt in order to end up with an average job and earn an average salary with whichit will take you years to pay of your loans. Today there are too many students in college thatshouldn’t be there, many are just there to earn a piece of paper that will make them employable(Bennett 129). Students…show more content…
In addition withunemployment expected to remain above 8% well into 2014 it will likely be many years beforeyoung college graduates-or any workers- see substantial wage growth as illustrated in charts twoand three. This can be attributed to the recession of 2008 (Kroeger) (Bennett 6) this recession hascaused student to not see the high return on the pricey investment of college education.Chart one(Shierholz)
Avila 5Chart two (Kroger et al Figure A)Chart three ( Kroger et al Figure
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Colleges spend too much money on relatively frivolousexpenses—such as building luxury dormitories and other nonacademic facilities—to justify thetuition hikes (Issues ad controversies). Not only that but several colleges make it a requirementfor students to spend their first year as freshmen living in campus, which is incrediblyunnecessary for the students as well as ridiculous of the college to request taking in mind howhigh tuition costs are already.Education does not require a hundred thousand dollars to achieve when there are so manyways to learn, the principal one being experience. Majority of people make the argument thatyou will need to attend college if you wish to be a medical professional or a teacher, and ofcourse there is some truth to that, but the reason why that is an argument is not because of the“college experience” but because of the educating that comes along with it which can be soughtafter independently without the need to pay as much as colleges and medical schools wouldcharge. Education is important, which is why it is also important to get educated financiallyagainst college tuitions and realize that it is not a sound investment for the mere fact that it takesos much time and money for which majority of people are never fully
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