College Degree Advantages

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In Twenty-first century, a high school diploma probably could help you obtain a job. However because of the changes in global market, nowadays employer prefer to hire that can fully handle different problems. College could help these students satisfied these job requirement.(Jody Zambrano, Demand Media) University education is the most common ways to provide the skills needed to work. In order to discuss this topic fully, the advantages and disadvantages for college and benefit for technical school will be totally explain.

Here are some advantages for go to college.Firstly, a college degree is an essential factor for many career. You always need a college education to learn skills for that job. If you already know what you want to do, and
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Most people do not have enough money to pay for their college education upfront, requiring them to take out loans. if you don't find a job in that amount of time, you may end up having to make high payments without having a income. (Jody Zambrano, Demand Media). It seems that college could be defined as an investment, only if you can get a college degree and find a nice job that it is worth the time and money, otherwise it just waste of life.Moreover,If you decide not to attend college, you are able to get out into the real world to work, travel or volunteer and many different tings. While you are decide to go to college, it means that you will give up these other experiences. There are programs for high school graduates that have many benefits, such as Peace Corps, Mission Year, study abroad and internships.(Jody Zambrano, Demand Media). Many companies pay more attention to the work experience of employees, many times experience is more important than education. These working experience would make you more quickly than those graduate students to adapt to the new working environment.Next,there may have some bad behavior in college life ,such as every weekend, on every college,students make--and hopefully learn from poor decisions. Alcohol poisoning, "date rape," and violence, although this not happens all the time in college, are nonetheless common weekend occurrences at most traditional colleges.(Wild lion march 2007). Most of the students don’t have these behavior, they learned these from their classmates or bad friends, college’s life gives their lots of personal time to do many things. Students are still young and may choose the wrong way of life.These behavior could lead to interpersonal complications, or to apathy and substance abuse. Though temptations are everywhere,it has already become a way of life for many college students(Kalen Smith). Some times to get a college degree not the personal hope for students, the thought for
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