Free Education Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Education in any country is very important for one to possess the knowledge for what they seek for in their future career. To be able to attend colleges cost money at the time which is very expensive but reasonable for what they are truly trying to learn. The time and effort people put into colleges is very efficient which means they try their hardest to not waste their time for all the money that was put into their tuition. Colleges mainly live on their federal loans on how many people are willing to put interest into the school campus and the college. With higher free education doesn’t only bring benefits to students but can bring disadvantages which can lead students to take college less seriously, state budgets can become strained, and won’t help in the U.S’s social mobility. Colleges are made up by hard working people who try to…show more content…
Programs the students are given are for their own individual choices for what they truly want to study but with many people coming in with free education most of those opportunities get taken away because they wouldn’t be able to handle all of it with the income colleges are getting from the federal funding. A different situation can be handled by making the people pay more taxes to pay for college tuitions but that would be changing 40k-50k a year to a starting point of 70 billion a year coming from the U.S. This will not be paying for the students financial aid on the government programs which also won’t show them (people attending college) to how to work their own financial aid work. Many can complain on how the government set up the way to pay for it but other countries such as Canada has done the same with their taxes but are benefited with free healthcare instead of free colleges and has made a big change on the government’s
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