Disadvantages Of Community Colleges

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There are numerous community colleges across the nation, and several undergraduates attend community colleges every year. With an enormous number of the nation’s undergraduates attending community colleges, society as a whole should want community colleges to be in the best condition to educate its future members. However, most community colleges are failing to do just that. Community colleges are failing to properly educate their students, and because education is a valuable aspect of the American society, community colleges should be refined to produce knowledgeable citizens of the United States of America. Community colleges require some students to take remedial classes due to low standardized test scores; however, this requirement harms undergraduates more than it benefits them. Remedial classes are non-credit courses, which means that the students being forced to take them are not receiving any credit for their work. Ironically, undergraduates must pay for courses that may not even be necessary. In “Revamping Community Colleges to Improve Graduation Rates,” Alina Tugend (2016) states, “Four years of data have shown that those who were placed in the higher-level classes ‘were succeeding just as well as those who had to go through development,’ Mr. Oakley said” (para. 17). If undergraduates are doing just as well in higher-level classes as those going through developmental classes, the remedial classes seem to be of little significance. Some community colleges
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