Disadvantages Of Computer Assisted Education

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Our world has become so technologically advanced in the past thirty years. These advances have made their way to the classrooms in many countries and have been aiding students of all levels with their education. Computer Assisted Education is the use of computers to aid in learning as well as testing to utilize computing technologies for assessing student work.
Computer Assisted Education in Elementary Schools New technology has unsurprisingly spread into elementary classrooms across America, as well as other countries. It has been proven that children learn better using visual images and sounds, so what better than to use technology to help increase the presence of these learning aids to be incorporated in the classroom.
Advantages of Computer Assisted Education
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With the help of Computer Assisted Education, children can work at their own pace in the classroom. Students who need extra help and time are now able to, with computers helping their teachers to get a constant stream of information about what areas their student is doing well and where there are areas for improvement. The computer individualizes instruction as to fit the particular needs of an individual, and can act as a tutor for these students, providing them with extra assistance. They can have the student repeat a lesson over and over until they understand, whereas a teacher cannot stop an entire class to focus on the one student during school
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