Disadvantages Of Computer Essay

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ANSWER: Advantages of Computer:- 1) Completing assignment for the classes. 2) Computer can be used in communication, emailing, chatting etc. 3) It can be used in labs, and in distance teaching. 4) It helps the government to deliver better services. 5) Officers also use computers to check criminals’ records and to check stolen cars. 6) Computer can be used to make 3D animations, designing, special effects (video, audio). QUESTION NO.3 ANSWER: Types of Computer:- There are five types of computer:- 1. Supercomputer. 2. Mainframes computer. 3. Workstations. 4. Microcomputers. 5. Microcontrollers. 1. Supercomputer:- Supercomputer is very expensive its price is 1 million over to 1 billion. It has high capacity and thousands of processors; it…show more content…
Data bus 2. Control bus 3. Address bus Data bus:- Data move between interconnect part. Data bus name tell that it is used to move data within CPU components. The data bus carries data from computer store memory. It is use for reading and writing data. When we write then processor put data in the data bus. If we need to read data then memory put data in the data bus from store memory. Control bus:- Transfer control signal between interconnect part. Address bus:- Send address memory to another through address bus. QUESTION NO.9 ANSWER: Serial ports:- Serial ports are connecting motherboard to the external devices. Like mouse, keyboard, game joystick, usb and modems. Computer has 2 or 4 serial ports. Serial ports use for transfer information in or out. Serial port use one bit transmits at a time. Serial ports use wire to send data outside or one by one. Serial connector has 9 to 25 pins. Parallel ports:- Parallel ports use sending data several bit at a time. And several wires use. Parallel ports in personal pc use 8 bit from 8 wires. Printers are the example of parallel. Easy to program and faster than serial ports. Parallel ports also built in motherboard like serial

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