Disadvantages Of Computer In Language Teaching

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As the use of computers in language teaching increases, it is important to look at how technology has been used in the field thus far. One can think of many positive effects of computers in the classroom, but it is important to mention that, nowadays, many professors practice assessing via computers, mainly because it has a lot of advantages over traditional test types.
Computer-based tests (CBT) have been used in second language testing since the early 80s and one of the prerequisites for implementing the CBT was to introduce the appropriate roles of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in curriculum and instruction. Numerous ESL and EFL researchers have noticed that the computer should be used to replicate what they believe is occurring
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These may include conventional testing but assessment processes are not limited to this. Considering the fact that the process of assessment can be conducted in multiple ways, every professor has to be open to usage of more than one type of assessment. Summative and formative assessments are both useful for making valid and useful assessments of learners' knowledge and performance. Many teachers combine the two, for example by evaluating one skill using summative assessment, while, e.g. observing group work, and another using formative assessment, e.g. a grammar…show more content…
For which one of them we will opt to, no matter whether we are going to do them via computers (Computer-based tests) or in a traditional way, depends on what we want to measure. However, if one wants to use i.e. prepare one of these tests, he/she has to bear few things in mind. First of all, tests have to be reliable, i.e. to give consistent results. Next, tests have to be valid, i.e. they have to measure what they are supposed to measure. And the third characteristic of efficient tests is authenticity which suggests that tests have to be applicable and similar to real-life situations. Only when all of characteristics mentioned above are properly included, can one conduct any kind of a test.
However, the special attention was given to portfolio as one of the most recent and popular tools of assessment. It is mentioned that portfolios are collections of student’s work over a period of time. Considering the fact that portfolios include more than one sample of student’s work, it gets much easier to monitor student’s work and progress, and, at the same time, student can reflect on his/her work and development. These things aside, it was stated that portfolios were also useful for encouraging creativity and self-assessment and for making students

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