Disadvantages Of Computer Literacy

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Today in our era, people need assistance in many ways, and people want something that can help them with their day to day activities such as making presentations for their work, paper works for students and communicating with others throughout the entire world with the use of the internet. These things will be possible with the use of computers because these things are devices that operate with the command of others but it can perform specific jobs and make things easier. But one must have the ability or the knowledge to understand the computer and how it works and how it is useful to the people and in that manner a person should be computer literate. As a student it is a great factor to be a computer literate or shall we say as being able…show more content…
In this part we discuss about two factors, first is that the disadvantages when you’re not a computer literate and the second is that the disadvantages of computer literacy. But first let us discuss the first factor, “today, we are living in the modernization of many things… Computer in such a different way of using can make us more literate and more advance in technology [underscoring added]” (Relation of computer literacy…, 2011). “Computer education is significant because it changes students’ day-to-day living. It is important for them to enhance their skills and knowledge. In terms of jobs, computer field is one of the fastest fields because it creates more jobs than the other fields (Pankaj). It is very true that in our time today computers are basically important to all of us, including the students because it is faster to have jobs when you are good in your field in using computers. Nowadays, computers are very important for students. It has boon that can help them in their studies. It gives them information and understanding in just a short period of time. It is useful in researching, organizing data, writing reports, developing graphical presentations, and for communicating with other people, especially with our love ones (What is the importance…). It is very important to be computer literate because at the time continues to change because of the ever changing technological world, people should be up-to-date with their literacy with the use of computers. There are some disadvantages of being not a computer literate because now, some of the jobs need a requirement of being computer literacy or the ability to utilize the computer’s applications for their jobs. If you are not a computer literate you will be left behind with the new and trending use of computer applications and its new features that fits into all its respective users. On the other hand, there are also the disadvantages of computer literacy

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